14 Powerful Things I’ve Learnt From Life

By Caroline Høgh Groth



Caroline Høgh Groth is a spiritual junkie that likes tackling all the big issues when it comes to health and wellness – both the physical and the mental. Having battled her own health demons including cancer, disordered eating, and depression, Caroline’s Instagram and blog have become a platform in which she shares the leanings she’s gained from her own personal journey. It’s raw, honest, and relatable.

1. It’s okay to be vulnerable and show emotions.

I’ve always been an emotional person and I’ve never had a problem with ‘feeling’ everything. However, I was always bad at showing other people how I felt or letting my guard down. To me, this was a sign of weakness. I think, a lot of this has to do with my parents splitting up when I was 9. It forces you to grow up extremely quickly and, in that process, I think I became too tough for my own good. It took me going through cancer and heartbreak to realise that it is okay to be vulnerable and show it. I’ve now realised that a part of growing up is to accept vulnerability. To be alive is to be vulnerable.

2. Not everyone you meet is supposed to stay in your life – lovers or friends.

I used to hate this. I couldn’t understand why ‘the universe’ would let someone into my life only for them to not remain there for the rest of my time? What was the point? Well, the point is like the saying goes: “Some will test you; some will use you; some will love you, and some will teach you. But the ones who are truly important will stay and bring out the best in you.” I’ve come to terms with the fact we are all little puzzles-pieces in a master puzzle – each little brick plays a role in your life and our responsibility is to learn from this and appreciate the time we had with these people when they mattered the most to us.

3.  You may lose the one(s) you love, but the memories will never leave you.

Heartbreak – single-handedly the most awful feeling in this world, right? I used to not be able to even have space for these feelings inside of me. The hurt was just too much, and I would do anything to avoid these feelings or sitting with them. The thought of losing someone, but even worse, the thought of losing the memories you once created together was simply too painful. But you know what? You move through these feelings, and the memories won’t disappear. They won’t be tragic or bring you to tears any longer, either, they’ll just be there as a gentle reminder that you once had something really beautiful with someone and you can now look back at and smile with a radiating warmth from your heart and be grateful you got to experience.

4.  You and only YOU are in charge of your happiness.

When I was younger, I always relied on other people to keep me happy. Whether it was my parents, my sister, my friends or my boyfriend – as long as I wasn’t in charge of it myself. Growing up, and most recently, I’ve really discovered that you can never put the burden on other people’s shoulders to keep you happy. It is your OWN task and no one else. Expecting other people to create your own happiness is like trying to fix a broken tyre with duck tape – it will always burst and will never last the distance. Pursue your own true happiness, and I promise you that your life will improve a million times and in ways you never imagined.

5. Accepting that you need help is not a defeat.

When I was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 22 I didn’t tell a soul for the first month. Not even my parents. I was determined that this was something I could do on my own. I’d always done and completed everything else on my own in
regards to education, career, achievements, sports etc. and this would be a piece of cake. Over my dead body would I let anyone see me even remotely sick, let along take care of me. Oh boy, what an eye-opener. I’ve really learnt that there’s no shame to ask for help or accept the helping hands of the people who truly love you. If I hadn’t had my amazing friends who are like family to me, I don’t know if I would’ve been here today.

6.  Life is not always perfect but it’s what you make it to be.
Are you a ‘glass is half-empty or glass is half-full’ person? I suggest you start looking at the latter. You’re reading the words of someone who’s had cancer twice, been clinically dead for a few minutes, had my heart ripped out of my chest twice, was diagnosed with depression from age 15 and much more that’s too personal to mention here, but hey, I’m not trying to come up with excuses for myself, a lot of people have been through much worse than me, but you know what? At the end of the day, I’m still lucky enough to be on this planet, taking a physical breath, and having the world at my feet if I keep working hard, so despite all of the things coming at me, I’m happy and I’m alive and doesn’t that speak for itself?

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