The search for #flawless skin

Have we found the secret?

If you have ever experienced breakouts, eczema or acne scaring you know how frustrating it can be! Unfortunately we are not all blessed with flawless skin and while we are all for embracing our bodies (and skin!) at MMWB HQ, we’d be lying if we said it didn’t effect us everytime our skin decided to do its own thing.
Enter – Vayda Organics
We came across Vayda Organics a few months ago and straight away we loved the sound of this Australian Business… On paper they were definitely ticking all our boxes –
  •  Australian made
  •  Vegan and animal-cruelty free
  •  Australian Certified Organic
  •  No nasty chemicals, synthetic fragrances, sulphates or preservatives
So we decided to try them out – and of course we went straight for SOOTHE- Blemish Relief.
SOOTHE is a little bottle which packs a powerful punch and contains just 4 ingredients-
Tamanu Oil – Tamanu oil is fantastic for rejuvenating the skins surface and helping to achieve a smooth, hydrated and blemish free complexion. Additionally, Tamanu oil assists with premature aging and wrinkles. The high levels of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids in Tamanu oil are what make it such a high quality and favourable oil for the skin.
Jojoba Oil – This liquid plant wax is an excellent moisturiser for the skin as it has a very similar texture to the skins own sebum. Therefore, Jojoba oil is fantastic for nourishing dry skin along with removing build up on oily and acne prone skin while keeping oil levels balanced. It is well suited for sensitive skin as it is rich in iodine which prevents irritation, while also removing makeup, dirt and bacteria. It is a noncomedogenic oil and will not clog pores. It is fantastic for cleansing and protecting the skin, with research showing that it stimulates collagen synthesis and accelerates wound healing.
Lavender Essential Oil – Lavender essential oil is incredible for healing blemishes, nourishing the skin and reducing acne. It’s antimicrobial properties have a calming effect on blemishes and acne, killing harmful bacteria on the skin naturally and preventing further irritation.
Tea-tree Essential Oil – Tea Tree essential oil is well known for its powerful antiseptic properties and natural anti-inflammatory abilities on skin conditions such as acne. Research has shown that the oil is fantastic for drying out whiteheads, blackheads, pimples and other blemishes on the skin.
We could go on and tell you all about these anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant properties but instead thought we would just show you the results we experienced and give you our first hand review…
My Acne Story and review of SOOTHE – (Steph – MMWB)
Since coming off the pill 18months ago my skin has been a nightmare, I have been dealing with the frustrating and painful effects of hormonal acne and have tried almost everything to get this under control (with absolutely no success!)
Because of this, I’ll admit I didn’t hold too many expectations prior to using SOOTHE.
When this little bottle of goodness arrived I had just had a break-out of and had one particularly big, sore cystic pimple right on my chin.
I applied SOOTHE directly to this area in the morning and at night and have to admit, I noticed the difference almost immediately.
Within hours the redness and inflammation was reduced and within three days the pimple was completely gone! (Check out the before and after photos lovelies!!)
So there you have it. We are honestly so proud to only include products that we have tried and tested and when we find things that actually work we cant help but do a happy dance and have them included in our Wellness Boxes!
Every Winter Box has a full sized SOOTHE included and we are already receiving so much amazing feedback from you all about it!! Safe to say I think you are all loving it as much as we do!
For more information on the SOOTHE or the entire Vayda Organics range head to their website – and don’t forget to use our code – MMWB20 for 20% off

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