MMWB tips for a better night sleep

Sleep Better Routine

Counting sheep isn’t fun and neither is scrolling through the bottomless pit of social media at 12pm and into the early hours of the morning.

We can all do with a little more sleep and honestly who doesn’t want a few extra hours a night. When we are in our deepest sleep our body recharges and recovers so much more then when we float in and out of conciseness.

Here at MMWB, our team believes in more Zzzzz, so we have put together a sleep better routine just for you.

If you have purchased our latest Winter Box you are already on your way to a better night’s sleep with the Evodia EpZen Sleep Magnesium Bath Crystals. Sleep is a calming blend of natural Lavender, Mandarin, Cedarwood, Bergamot and Roman Chamomile essential oils, specially designed to help the mind and body unwind and aid in a restful night’s sleep.

Tips for a better night’s sleep

If you are someone who works in an office environment, try taking your lunch breaks outdoors. It is proven that natural sunlight or bright light during the day helps keep your circadian rhythm healthy. This improves day-time energy, as well as night-time sleep quality and duration.

Put the gram down an hour before you go to bed, even though light exposer is great for our body clock, the blue light that blears through your screen isn’t.

Just like making your bedroom environment warm and cozy, try soaking in a bath at body temperature rather than opting for a shower (if possible.) Hopping into a warm shower is great at the time but once the taps turn off and the door opens its generally a shock to the system and can leave you feeling more awake.

Soaking in a warm bath not only allows our bodies to adjust, but is also the perfect time to step away from your electronics. Adding EpZen Sleep Magnesium Bath Crystals to your bath will further aid in relaxing your body and mind.

Last but not least, try not to drink too many liquids before bed to avoid having a broken sleep. If you hydrate well enough during the day you shouldn’t have to reach for that bedside glass of water throughout the night.

We would love to hear your feedback on some our favourite sleep routine ideas. Did you given them a good and how did you feel?

Sleep tight our MMWB lovelies x

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