The new Superfood you need in your life…

Vegan, sustainable, natural and unprocessed – let us introduce an exciting new superfood, which is possibly the most nutrient-dense wholefood on market.

What is Ultana Phytoplankton?

ULTANA Phytoplankton is a vegan wholefood alternative to multivitamins and fish oil.

Why should we include it in our diet?

ULTANA is gram-for-gram the most complete and nutrient-dense wholefood on the planet. It offers a good source of Omega-3 long chain fatty acids, but in a more bioavailable form than fish oil. Grown in a controlled environment (photobioreactor), it may also offer a safer and more sustainable option than fish oil given the issues of pollution and microplastics in our oceans.

In addition, ULTANA contains a broad spectrum of vitamins (including B12), minerals, and other nutrients, providing a wholefood alternative to synthesised multivitamins.

What are the benefits?

ULTANA Phytoplankton may offer the following health benefits:

Better Digestion
More Energy
Greater Mental Clarity
Healthier Skin
Faster Recovery
Better Vision
Stronger Immune System

Due to its microscopic cell size, we believe ULTANA offers a much higher nutrient bioavailability when compared to synthesised multivitamins. Smaller than a red blood cell, ULTANA may bypass the liver and offer a direct cell-to-cell source of energy and nutrition.

Omega-3s are prone to oxidisation when exposed to the ambient environment, and any processing gives the potential risk of rancidity. Unlike extracted oils (such as fish, krill and algal oils) ULTANA’s Omega-3s are safely and naturally enclosed within a cellulose cell wall, delivering you Omega-3s in their purest, unprocessed form.

How should we have take it?

ULTANA is offered in both powder and veg capsule options.

Powder offers the most direct nutrient absorption. Simply add a flat teaspoon of powder to water or your favourite smoothie recipe.

Capsules offer an alternative for those who want the benefits without the taste, or for people looking for an  “on-the-go” option.

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