Running Tips from an Australian Marathoner

Rochelle Marie (@rochelle.maree.running)

Rochelle Marie is a Perth based runner with a dream to represent Australia and wear that green and gold. She started running at the age of 8 and hasn’t taken her running shoes off since.

Rochelle recently achieving her dream and earnt her spot at the 2019 IAAF World Athletics Championships (held this October in Doha) where she will race in the marathon representing Australia.

Rochelle started out on track and began long distance running as a teenager.

“I had a pretty hard time at school so would use running as an escape and distraction” Even now, as an adult, I find running to be a great distraction and coping mechanism when it comes to life’s ups and down.”

“Another reason I love running so much is the people you meet along the way, it’s such a great community and being able to inspire and motivate people through my own fitness journey is what drives me to continuing striving for my best.”

We sat down with Rochelle and picked her brains on some basic running drills and beginner sessions we can all incorporate into our own running.

Three basic drills Rochelle uses before any specific training days.

A Skip

Start with a simple skip moving forward (release that inner child), once you have a comfortable rhythm introduce a knee lift. Rise your knee towards the chest while still skipping and moving forward making sure that your toes are pointing up and your arms are moving alongside you as you would when running.

Jogging Butt Kicks

Moving forward in a slow jogging motion after a few steps start to pull your heel up directly beneath you. Keep your knees, heals and toes all in the upwards directions all while moving your arms in the same motions as you would while running.

Fast Feet

Start with running on the spot. Increase the speed of the run and move forward slowly over 20 meters. Keep your head up and eyes forward. Keep a strong-arm movement to replicate a strong sprinting movement.

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