What is Ethical and Sustainable Fashion?

What does ethical and sustainable fashion mean?

Have you ever been shopping and wondered how on earth a retailer can be selling a pair of jeans for $10 while still making money?

While these inexpensive finds might seem easy on your wallet, the truth is, the world is paying a much higher price for this “fast fashion.”

Unfortunately , even though we may feel like we have come a long way since the 90’s when we boycotted against Nike and Gap for using sweatshop labour, truth is, even in 2020 there are still thousands of companies that are producing their clothes via unethical practices and through the exploitation of overseas and local labour.

Along with this, the “fast-fashion” attitude is also having a disastrous effect on our environment. Buying clothes and treating them as disposable is creating a “throw-away culture” which is creating serious environmental problems.

We recently came across a statistic from sustainability consultant, Jane Miliburn who found that on average, Australians discard 23kgs of textiles into landfill every year!

So how can we help?

Ensuring we make conscience decisions with our purchases is a great start.

There are also a number of amazing brands which are focused on bringing you ethical and sustainable clothing. One such brand is Avila – A Melbourne based women’s lifestyle label, offering luxury daywear and active living pieces.

All their pieces are made Fairtrade (meaning no unethical or exploited workers!) using high quality, natural fabrics with eco-friendly and sustainable considerations.

Be sure to head over to their website to check out some of their beautiful pieces  and pick up your $30 Avila voucher in our Summer Wellness Box.


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