What’s all the fuss about Apple Cider Vinegar?

I remember growing up as a kid we always had a huge bottle of Apple Cider Vinegar in the cupboard. Anytime we felt a cold coming on, Mum would send us straight to the kitchen to take a big swig from the bottle.

While the memory of doing vinegar shots in the kitchen isn’t exactly the highlight of my childhood, the method is definitely not something that was unique to my household.

Growing up, our Mums seemed to have an array of natural remedies on hand for various ailments, with ACV being a particularly popular feature.

In recent years we seem to be moving back towards a more natural lifestyle, particularly when it comes to health, and in turn we have seen a resurgent in the use of natural remedies and ‘superfoods’ that our parents and Grandparents use to  turn to.

While you won’t find my Mum or Grandparents referenced in any medical journal, it’s no secret that Apple Cider Vinegar is considered a superfood hero amongst many, hailed for its range of traditional uses for health and wellbeing.

ACV is made by naturally fermenting apples into cider and then into vinegar, leaving you with a nutritious but not so delicious liquid.

I absolutely love natural remedies but if you’re like me and the thought of taking a daily vinegar shot for your health makes you feel slightly queasy, you’ll be pleased to know that Australian vitamin company SUP has come up with an easy way to get your daily does of health, minus the vinegary taste.

SUP has developed a gentle drying process to maintain the goodness of the ACV in a tasteless and convenient capsule.

So who is SUP?

SUP are 100% home-grown Australian vitamin and supplement company passionate about innovation and healthy living. They are rethinking the health industry and formulating simple, targeted supplements which meet their high standards.

Why Pop SUP?

SUP ACV has all the goodness of ACV in one easy, convenient capsule.

One daily serve provides,

  • The equivalent of 15mls of raw apple cider vinegar
  • ‘The Mother” culture from raw apple cider vinegar
  • Support for your digestive vitality
  • 40mg of natural acetic acid

And the best part is they are a gluten-free and vegan-friendly.

To check out the SUP’s full range of vitamins head to www.supsuplements.com

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