Who is Koko Klub?

The all-natural wellness brand you’ll want to get to know!


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MMWB recently featured Koko Klub in our Winter Wellness Box and quickly discovered this is an all-natural wellness brand we all need to get to know!

We spoke with the Koko Klub guys to find out a bit more about this incredible brand!

Who is Koko Klub?
Koko Klub is an all Australian, all-natural wellness brand specialising in
activated coconut charcoal products. We are Sustainably Sourced, Certified
Cruelty Free, Certified Toxic Free, Vegan Friendly and 100% Fluoride Free!

What was the inspiration behind Koko Klub?
We wanted to develop a line of products that are completely natural and made from organic ingredients that are both luxurious and safe to use. Our most popular product – The Wild Wildness aka All Natural Charcoal Tooth Polish Powder, is unique to the Australian market. A lot of our competitors products include chemicals and binding agents in their formulas. Our products are all
natural and completely safe to use, even for children and during pregnancies!

Why is it important to use a fluoride-free tooth whitener or toothpaste?
Allow us tell you why fluoride if bad for you. Fluoride is highly toxic. Even before fluoride was a popular ingredient used to get rid of cavities, it was used as an insecticide and rat poison. There is a lot of research out there that suggests fluoride actually does more harm than good – it’s so
controversial! Why would you take the risks? We are now living in a world where we can develop all-natural products that are just as effective, if not better. So, get started today with Koko Klub!

What’s wrong with normal chemical teeth whitening?
We won’t beat around the bush with this one! Chemical tooth whitening can increase your tooth sensitivity and damage the roots of your teeth! Tooth whitening solutions generally contain carbamide peroxide that can cause internal damage if it seeps into a cracked tooth or an unfilled cavity. It also increases the risk of damage and irritation of the gums which a lot of dentists see when
they have clients who have done excessive teeth whitening / bleaching for a period of time.

Can we use Koko Klub Charcoal toothpaste every day in place of our normal toothpaste?
Yes! We suggest you do! Along with our Tooth Polish Powder on regular basis you are guaranteed to have a white, bright smile everyday (and on demand if needed!)

Whats next for Koko Klub? 
More all natural and organic wellness products for both men and women – watch this space!

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