Why you should be wearing sunscreen everyday

and not just in Summer!

Most of us have an array of skincare and beauty products in our makeup bags.  From daily moisturisers, anti-aging creams, serums and everything in between.  But there is one product we should all be using Every. Single. Day.

And that my friends, is the humble Sunscreen. Yep that’s right, Sunscreen.

If you are not currently wearing sunscreen everyday we are here to tell you why this needs to change ASAP.

Living in Australia most of us are accustomed to slopping on SPF 30+ over summer.

We are taught it in schools, there’s adverts on our telly and quite frankly, you usually can’t spend more than 5 minutes outside in summer before someone asks – “have you got sunscreen on?”

So why does all this stop over the cooler months? Well easy, when it’s cold, cloudy and the sun isn’t shining there’s no need right?

Wrong. Even in the colder months UV rays are still prevalent, meaning even on a cloudy winter morning, your skin may by subjected to constant exposure and I hate to tell you, but too much sun exposure is the leading cause of skin damage and wrinkles.

Studies show that the UV rays from the sun penetrate the skin and cause damage to the elastic fibres that keep our skin firm – in other words – hello wrinkles.

So ladies, even with the most expensive anti-aging cream, if you are not using a sunscreen daily, quite frankly, you are wasting your money.

And on a much more serious note, Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world. The majority of skin cancer in Australia is caused by exposure to UV radiation in sunlight and with two of three Aussies being diagnosed with skin cancer before the age of 70, it really is no laughing matter.

But we get it, previously it has been extremely difficult to find a good sunscreen, with many traditional sunscreens being heavy, greasy and full of chemicals. But don’t fear, this is all changing, thanks to amazing companies like A Bit Hippy.

A Bit Hippy is an Australian company which produces one of our absolute favourite, all-natural sunscreens.
A Bit Hippy understands that natural ingredients are better for our skin and the environment however they also believe that choosing natural ingredients needs to be done by using solid evidence – not just hippy hype (which is why they are just a BIT hippy)

Their tinted protection cream is SPF40. It’s completely natural, light-weight, vegan-friendly and leaves your face feeling soft and replenished, now that’s something we will happily wear everyday.

Check them out @abithippy or www.abithippy.com.au

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